With Lisa Eaton

How to start, lead, and convert more calls
with more confidence.

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  • Felt like you’re just not a sales person, but know you need to sell in your business? 
  • Wished you knew how to start and lead a sales conversation to an easy YES…
  • Dreaded dealing with objections because you don’t want to sound too pushy or salesy (or because you never know what to say)…
  • Felt a wave of panic when it comes time to “close the deal”…  

...then keep reading!

I’ve heard so many smart business owners say that they’re just not good at selling.

And you know what?!  I just don’t believe that.

What I DO believe is that selling’s a skill anyone can learn, and that there’s no such thing as a natural sales person.

Bottom line – if you know how to listen, ask questions, and communicate how you can help, then you know how to sell.

The rest is just about putting smart, heart-centered sales strategy around it – which is exactly what we cover in this Masterclass!

Soooooooooooo, what if…

You knew how to start the call off on the right foot and give your potential client such an amazing experience, that they can’t wait to buy from you?

You knew how to handle any objection a potential client might throw at you, and still make the sale?

Instead of dreading the sales conversation, you felt excited and knew exactly how to close the deal in a way that felt good to both you and your potential client? 

That’s EXACTLY what you’ll walk away with from this training!


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